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- 701 cc Yamaha Engine- Billet head O-ring with interchangeable domes- Stock pistons- Factory B Pipe Mod chamber

- Dual 38 carburators- M.S.D enhancer- OEM charging flywheel- OEM reed valve


- 145mm pump/ SOLAS impeller/ Bored restriction nozzle/ Dual cooling line


- 500 g.p.h bilge pump with manual switch/45° bilge water outlet

This ski has three hours of riding it was demo ski on world final 2010 .


- FS-2 glass hull (black or white)- Scupper valve- Adjustable foot hole- Short or medium ride plate

Steering components:

- RRP handle pole cast- 2 holes air inlet pole bracket- Pole base spacer or spring block- Fat steering system 28.6mm

- 28.6mm fat bars (straight 50 or 75mm)- AST steering pad- Billet throttle lever- Rickter grips

- Steering stopper- Bars extension- Chin pad

Total price: $16.999

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